Mission… BIOcomuniCA’T pursues the transmission to the society of the constantly increasing scientific knowledge. In a society where science is advancing at a fast rate, scientific culture cannot be optional. Scientific culture must be part of the basic culture of citizens.

Vision… BIOcomuniCA’T wants to be a reference in the field of scientific information in biotechnology and health sciences. BIOcomuniCA’T provides support to institutions and schools to create spaces where society can come in contact with researchers and promotes scientific knowledge.

Values… As scientists and as BIOcomuniCA’T members we want to convey to society our passion for science. This passion is reflected in the high involvement in the activities that we offer. We are committed to teamwork, as between persons and between institutions. Our projects always seek excellence, innovation, creativity and quality.

Resources… BIOcomuniCA’T has excellent human resources and all scientific and educative material to promote research among children, young and old. BIOcomuniCA’T team of scientists combines knowledge and experience to transmit science to society. We propose a catalog of scientific activities aimed at a broad spectrum of the population, with special emphasis on training young age, which represent future generations.

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BIOcomuniCA'T offers scientific activities
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